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Lets talk: Health

 Make sure you choose a healthy diet!!!

     En: I really think, a healthy diet is the one diet that will allow you to loose weight without harming your health. Here are a few tips about how to keep a healthy diet: 

    Ro: Eu cred, ca o dieta sanatoasa, este aceea dieta care iti permite sa slabesti fara sa-ti strici sanatatea. Aveti aici cateva sfaturi despre cum sa mentineti o dieta sanatoasa:

          1. The diet should include actual food: I came to the conclusion ( on my own skin ) that replacing an entire meal with shakes and bars was not my best choice. If you think drinking meals is good for you, please make sure the shake contains a good variety of vitamins and minerals .

          1. Dieta ar trebui sa contina mancare: eu am ajuns la concluzia (pe pielea mea) , ca inlocuind o masa cu un shake sau un baton nu a fost cea mai stralucita idee. Daca voi credeti insa, ca shake-urire sunt bune pt voi va rog aveti grija macar sa contina o varietate bogata de vitamine si minerale.

          2. Make sure the diet is not drastic: you should never loose more than 2 kg per week. Don't trust those diets that promise you'll loose a lot of weight in a short time. You would more than possibly succeed , but the second you finish your diet and return to a normal eating plan, the kg will come back really fast.

          2. Dieta nu trebuie sa fie drastica: greutatea maxima recomandata de slabit pe saptamana este de in jur de 2 kg. Nu aveti incredere in dietele care va promit scaderi rapide in greutate in timp scurt. Cel mai probabil veti reusi sa dati mai multe kg jos, dar in secunda in terminati dieta si va intoarceti la un regim de alimentatie normal kg se vor pune la loc, mult mai rapid.

          3. Try not to eliminate food groups: any healthy diet should include foods from each food group : lean protein , low-fat dairy , whole grains, fruits and vegetables. You should be very careful if a diet doesn't allow you to eat a food group.The reason why you should eat food in a big variety is because this is the correct way of getting the right amount of nutrients in your body.

          3. Incercati sa nu eliminati nici o grupa de mancare: orice dieta sanatoasa ar trebui sa includa mancare din toate grupele: proteine slabe, lactate slabe in grasimi , cereale integrale, fructe si legume. Trebuie sa aveti grija cand tineti o dieta care va interzice un anumit grup. Motivul pt care este bine sa mancati mancare cat mai variata este ca acesta este modul corect prin care corpul asimileaza nutrientii necesari.

            4. Make sure the diet contains food you like: I am not talking of course about Mc Donalds and KFC :), but if you have to eat something you don't like ,you would not stick with that diet for too long. Search for a diet that allows you to mix healthy foods that you like eating.

         4. Dieta trebuie sa contina mancare care va place: aici nu vorbesc desigur despre Mc Donalds si KFC:), dar daca trebuie sa mancati ceva ce nu va place, fiti siguri ca nu o sa tineti dieta o perioada lunga de timp. Cautati o dieta care va permite sa alegeti mancare sanatoasa si care va face placere sa o mancati.

          5. The diet should include exercise: the most important part in loosing weight is exercise. You can't have a diet without exercises ....period!!! Choose a diet that recommends at least 30 min of physical exercise per day. In this way you can cut calories and loose weight while protecting your health.

          5. Dieta ar trebui sa contina exercitii: cea mai importata parte in programul de slabit este execitiu fizic. Nu puteti tine o dieta fara exercitiu fizic...punct!!! Alegeti o dieta care va recomanda cel putin 30 de min de miscare pe zi. In acest fel ardeti calorii si pierdeti kg in timp ce va protejati sanatatea.

Enjoy and stay chic...

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  1. Great post dear!

  2. Nice! Really good advises!
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  3. Frumos articolul, imi plac mult sfaturile si cum sunt pusa pe fapte mari voi tine cont :D

  4. Great and interesting post Sorana! Also good advice and great tips.
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  5. adevar aiscris tu..multe prostii facem noi cu dietele :(

  6. Thanks for these really great and helpful tips! Have an awesome weekend babe!

  7. I definitely agree with you on eating a healthy diet! I took a nutrition class last summer and learning about it made m erealize how important it is not just now, but for our future! Great post, thanks for sharing!

  8. my favorite diet menu are vegetables and fruit, do i have to add another menu?

    1. like i said in this post, it's better if you don't exclude any of the food groups...u can add them during the day , at any time you want :)

  9. Amazing post ! And I totally agree with number 1, I don;t think I could ever have a fully juice/shakes diet. I'd just miss eating consistent food you know :)


  10. Great post! :)

  11. I absolutely agree! Especially about not eliminating food groups- I don't think being healthy ever means eating just meat and vegetables!

  12. So good that you posted this. I am working on my fitness right now and this helped me get more motivated.

    Much Love,

  13. amazing post!

  14. I agree that a balanced diet is the best for our health. Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Si eu am aceeasi parere. E si usor si bine pentru sanatatea noastra. Eu nu sunt de acord cu dietele ( pentru ca imi place mancarea :P ) si nu inteleg cum pot sta unele persoane sa manance doar 2 frunze sau alte chestii de genul. E important, cum ai spus si tu sa mananci moderat si sa incluzi toate cele necesare organismului nostru. Moderatia si miscarea sunt alegerea buna, asa poti sa mananci de toate, dar cate putin din fiecare si asa iti inveti si organismul sa se obisnuiasca cu mai putina mancare ( ma refer aici la persoanele ca mine :D care mananca mult ), punand mai putin in farfurie cu timpul ajungi sa poti manca normal, fara sa te abtii de la ceva anume si cu o activitate fizica pe placul tau poti slabi usor si sanatos. Eu incerc acest lucru si ramane sa astept rezultatele, pentru ca asa cum am spus la inceput, nu as putea tine o dieta.

  16. this is helpful especially now that i'm into dieting and going to the gym! (:

  17. So inspiring :) Loved reading it!
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    Stay pretty doll xxxx

  18. I wish it would be so simple in bodybuilding world haha :) Reduction is a paaain.

  19. thank you for your comment :) Great post, I'm starting my spring diet already :) Kisses! new post on my blog! Check out my facebook profile too!

  20. Great post! I'm on a diet now and I'm getting back into running etc. I started gaining weight when I stopped exercising but was still eating the same! It was a bit doom.

    Corinne x

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  23. eu sunt cu stilul de viata mediteraneean, mai scap...sunt o tauroaica gurmanda :)