vineri, 3 ianuarie 2014

New Year's Resolutions !!!

  En: At the end of a year and the beginning of a new one, we usually reflect on the changes we want or need to make. Each year i say to myself : " This year i will follow trough ..." but i often forget about the things i promised i would or i would not do. Anyways , here's a list of the changes i need (want) to make in 2014...

  Ro: La sfarsitul fiecarui an si la inceputul unului nou, reflectam la schimbarile pe care vrem sau avem nevoie sa le facem . In fiecare an imi spun : " De aceasta am sa reusesc sa fac tot ce mi-am propus", dar de cele mai multe ori uit  ce am promis ca voi face sau nu voi face. Aceasta este lista despre schimbarile pe care le vreau in 2014...

                         1.  Eat for my health not for my weight: for the past 2 years it's been my most important resolution ... to loose a little bit of weight . There's nothing bad with wanting to look your best, but i think it's better to eat for he alt than diet. In a few months i will be slimmer and healthier version of myself .
                        1. Sa mananc pt sanatate nu pt greutate: in ultimii 2 ani , a fost cea mai importanta rezolutie ... sa slabesc putin. Nu e nimic rau in a dori sa aratam mai bine, dar cred ca este mai important sa mananci sanatos decat sa tinem o dieta. In cateva luni voi fi o versiunea mea, mai slaba si mai sanatoasa.

                                  2. Doing the "30 Days squat challenge"
                                  2. Sa realizez programul " 30 Days squat challenge"

                                3. Spend more time with the ones that matter: family is the most important thing in my life, they are the ones that make everything possible. Spending more time with them is the one decision i will never regret.
                       3. Sa petrec mai mult timp cu persoanele care conteaza: familia este cea mai importanta parte a vietii mele, ei sunt cei care fac totul posibil. Sa petrec mai mult timp cu ei este decizia pe care nu o voi regreta niciodata.

                                   4. Don't fight with my boyfriend: although it didn't happen yet, each year, this resolution is one of the top ones.
                         4. Sa nu ma cert cu prietenul meu: chiar daca nu s-a intamplat pana acum, in fiecare an aceasta rezolutie este printre cele mai importante.

                                    5. Read a full book, any book: i have to admit i can't seem to be able to reed a full book anymore , so this year i made it as a resolution to finish one. I think i am going back to my " 50 Shades of Grey ":)
                          5. Sa citesc o carte intreaga , orice carte: trebuie sa recunosc...mai nou, nici cum nu reusesc sa citesc o carte cap-coada asa ca in acest am am decis sa termin macar una. Cred ca am sa ma reintorc la " 50 de Umbre a le lui Grey" :)

                                6. Travel to a new country: Greece , i want to go to Greece this summer . It's more of a wish than a resolution . Can't wait to see a new culture,eat foods i didn't know it existed and meet new exiting people .
                       6. Sa vizitez o tara noua: Grecia, vreau sa merg in Grecia vara aceasta. Este mai mult o dorinta decat o rezolutie. Abia astept sa cunosc o noua cultura, sa incerc mancaruri nemaiauzite de mine si sa cunosc noi oameni .

Enjoy and stay chic...


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  1. Great resolutions! I always have the healthy eating one and it tends to go out the window by the end of january! Also going to Greece is a great one, I've travelled to a few places in europe and Greece is by far my favourite. Happy New Year and good luck with your resolutions :) xx

  2. Great list! That squat challenge looks insane!!

  3. Lovely pics story! Happy new year!

  4. I'll look forward to your pictures from Greece then!

  5. imi place!!! spor la treaba darling ! :) te pup

  6. I have first too resolutions in my list too but I think I have already broken first and not started second..
    U must come to my country india , you will love the culture and food ...
    I am inviting you to join my SammyDress giveaway with 2 winners
    Keep in touch,

  7. La multi ani!
    Fie ca noul an s-aduca implinirea tuturor dorintelor!

  8. Sunt de acord cu prima rezolutie, si eu incerc asta desi nu reusesc intotdeauna :)) si nici nu compensez cu exercitiile fizice :(
    tot ce iti doresti e frumos, succes :*

  9. All the best to your New Year's Resolutions. It is always great to start the year with intentions.

  10. Iti doresc succes in indeplinirea rezolutiilor!Sunt convinsa ca vei reusi:)

  11. Ai chiar rezolutii rezonabile si realizabile :) Si eu imi doresc sa vizitez Grecia intr-o buna zi insa anul acesta mi s-a repus pata pe Austria si Germania, le-am vizitat insa mai vreau :D

  12. Great resolutions! That 30 day squat challenge sounds so intense!!! But I bet the results would be amazing though. Haha, I like number 4. I should probably make that resolution as well for my boyfriend and I. Greece is one of the top 3 places in the world I want to travel to! I really hope you get to go this year : )


  13. So inspiring! <3 great list! :*

  14. gosh I have done the 30 days challenge and you feel great...after, it's a really good challenge, good luck with it!!!

  15. Foarte dragut! Iti tin pumnii ca toate dorintele tale sa devina realitate in 2014!